Huskar Disaster Window

In 1838 on July 4th 26 children drowned in a flooding Mine in the Huskar Pit at Silkstone Common in Barnsley. In order to commemorate the Disaster a Stained Glass Window was commissioned by All Saints Church, Silkstone for above the Altar in the St James Chapel. This Project was carried out by the Community, working alongside local Stained Glass Artist, Rachel Poole. Over 200 people worked on the Window, between July 2009 and March 2010. Each of the 3 Windows are made in 3 sections which slot together as the Window is fitted/assembled. The initial sketch of the Window was produced by Local Artist, Julie Tyler, - this was then altered to become a workable Stained Glass Cartoon (Pattern) both in terms of scale and feasibility of design. The Design of the Window represents the Flood through the Earth into the Mine. The Flooded Mine section at the bottom bears each Child's name and age. The colours and design of the Window is such that it is childlike and similar to a colouring book. It is quite fitting that this Chapel is also used for Sunday School Meetings.

Photograph courtesy of Rachel Poole - enhancement by Paul Davies

This Window replaced a diamond quarried window in urgent need of repair.

 Click here to see  banner about the Huskar Window prepared by project volunteers:-

Huskar Window Banner