Over the years the condition of the Windows have been monitored and repairs undertaken as a result of damage or serious deterioration. In 2012 vital remediation work was carried out on all windows to enhance the Artistic and Historic Heritage  and make the glass weather-proof.


Sections of the large East and West Stained Glass Windows needed urgent preservation. Many of the leaded glazed Windows throughout the Church were in a very poor state.

A Schedule of Conservation to the Church Windows was carried out. The tinted handmade glass, which is of historic interest, has been cleaned and reused in a repair programme where new "cames" holding the glass have been inserted into the present pattern.

The repaired Windows should be capable of providing another 130 years of life.

J W Burton of York have been the Glaziers for the Project

In December 2011 a team of Glaziers  worked to remove the West Window  ready for restoration back in their York workshop 

The two outside panels of the West Window  were taken out for repair and were  back in place for Easter 2012

Glaziers removed  the Bretton Chapel Window for restoration, taking out the early glass windows containing the interesting shields below.



The left hand Shield is that of Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, the brother-in-law of King Henry VIII.


The final panels  of the East Window needing repair and conservation were taken to Joe Burton's workshop in York late September 2012 and re-installed in the Church in early December 2012. During this time members volunteers visited the workshop to see the conservation being carried out. 





























The work on the stained glass is now fully complete.

 Come and see the full record in the Bramah Gallery