The Wentworth Monument

This Monument is a magnificent piece of art and heritage. the intricate detail of the carving, together with the fascinating stories connected to Sir Thomas Wentworth make it a real gem.


It required careful repair to remove embedded iron work, protect from further damp penetration, resecure loosened parts, stabilise the base and clean the marble and stonework.

This specialist work has been carried out by the Conservators working closely to the recommendations of a specially commissioned condition report.

The work has taken place in liaison with the Architect particularly regarding structural reinforcing and technical matters

The conservation work has gone very much according to plan and the Wentworth Monument is now completely restored and in place, having been dismantled into it's component parts to allow the conservators to delicately clean each part of this fine seventeenth century marble sculpture. 

Hirst Conservation  of Laughton Sleaford have been the Conservators for this Project with work commencing in May 2012 and completed in May 2013.

A feature of this work has been a Photographic Record as part of the Learning Programme compiled by the local Volunteers. Hirst Conservation have made available to the Project the photographs used in the dismantling and rebuilding of the Monument.

At the end of the Project they provided  a report of the work and suggestions for its upkeep.

A small selection of the 400 photographs taken of the conservators during the work














Examining the Wooden Copy of Thomas Wentworth's Helmet.


Grace is given a much-needed clean.



Conserving the traces of original Medieval Wall Paint behind the Monument


All this work was done by hand,  the individual pieces were cleaned and conserved and then re-assembled.

A full report on the conservation work and copies of all the photographs can be seen in the Bramah Gallery.

A banner showing the top and side of the monument that is not easily seen is now in the Bretton Chapel. See below:-