Future Events

Heritage Open Days.

Friday 13 September: 10 00am-4-00pm
Saturday 14 September: 10 00am-4-00pm
Sunday 15 September: 1230-4-00pm

Two special exhibitions are being mounted this year
A Tale of three cities, four families & Silkstone.

Just adjacent to the South door of Silkstone Church are two grave stones which record the lives of various members of the Ellis family some of whose members provided medical care to the villagers for over one hundred years. Intriguingly, one of the graves also records the lives of two members of the Bridges family, a seemingly well-to-do family with links to York and London. But why were they buried in the same grave as the Ellis family?

The Heritage Group decided to investigate links between the families and uncovered a fascinating story of inter-related characters including not only doctors (of divinity and medicine), but also a playwright, an apothecary, an Army General and a glassmaker.

Silkstone Remembers World War 2
To mark the 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War we have been researching village life during the war years.
With the help of seven villagers, who were school children or young adults in 1939, and the school log books we have been able to discover how the war affected village life. We have put all these memories in the form of a display to show how evacuees from the south of England, USAAF troops in nearby Penistone, air raids, blackouts and rationing changed the lives of the population of Silkstone and Silkstone Common.
We have looked at Silkstone’s very own ‘Dad’s Army’, some local war heroes, women who went to war and the 5 young men from the area who gave their lives during the war.

                                        Wonderfully Made in Yorkshire

Thursday 7th November 5pm -9pm

                                                  Friday 8th November 10am to 6-00pm

                                                                                                                  Saturday 9th November 10am to 6-pm